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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 25, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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on an airplane and we hit turbulence, we are sitting there, and i don't know the pilot personally, i get nervous. i am like, i don't know you, but can we holted hold your hundred? >> i get nervous, and i go up front to drive. >> i wasn't nervous now, but role this . >> lisa's getting out of the way. >> not nervous j. oh, shoot! >> oh, my god. >> see, see. >> i stuck the landing. i stuck the landing! [ crowd cheering ] >> whoa! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> don't try that at home. >> doctor's orders, how do you deal with nerves? can we universally say taking deep slow breath system the simplest things to calm the nerves. and for you it's "go daniel". >> for me, it's, don't move, i will not leave this chair. >> we have techniques, putting
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yourself in a happy place, deep breathing being anxiety can be a good thing. if you are dealing with generalized constant aircraft e -- anxiety, each and every day, you could have an anxiety disorder, if you want information on anything you saw today, visit thank you so much for being with us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news said 4 start now. >> could morning. 3 it friday january 27th. we are taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. watching the weekend whether this morning. a little wet as you
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make plans to head out the door this morning. erica has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning james. >> started off with stray showers in the livermore area. light rain in palo alto as well. a live look at storm tracker 4 the majority of the bay area is dry. as we zoom in interstate 580 approaching downtown livermore as you make your way of the altamonte pass light rain. mirer to heavy rain in some of i unincorporated areas. >> over to the bayshore freeway around redwood city we are picking up light rain. it depends on where you're located. this is not a big crane maker. some residual showers from systems we have dealt with for the past couple of days. >> we also have areas of dense fog. navato is down to
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a mile. have at mile and santa rosa. to would have miles and livermore. --two and a half miles in livermore. >> temperatures are insulated this morning because of the cloud cover. and mixing up upper '40's it low 50s. 534 oakland and hayward. . 51 and pleasanton. >> upper 50s, lows 60s select conditions compare to what we are dealing with yesterday. >> san francisco 59. 57 in san raphael. lows 60s for richmond concord. 61 in hayward. 62 in san jose. >> satellite and radar shows some of the rotation moisture spinning its way north into the bay area. that will continue
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throughout the day however, the unsettled weather will start to diminish by later tonight. >> i do not think we will see any rain for the evening hours. as we take it to future cast 4 by a.m. light rain for the coast line in the mid peninsula. >> a lot of cloud cover lingering but not much moisture. >> 10:00 a.m. light rain for napa, vallejo, along the delta. >> not much later this afternoon by 1:00 p.m. we're not picking up much. >> the cloud cover and cool weather will stick around but not much rain into the evening hours. >> we may see it as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday a series of systems dropping from the gulf of alaska will bring cold showers to our area. >> not a lot of moisture associated with them but a chance for instability because he scattered showers with that. >> keep an umbrella handy.
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>> chance for showers continue on monday. tuesday to be dry. high pressure building back and forecast by the middle of next week. temperatures will start warm slightly as we had in closer to thursday. >> temperatures will be hovering in lower '30's. more on your forecast coming up. >> meantime in the traffic center it has been busy overnight. we have had several injury accidents fortunately they are in the clearing stage is. >> in san jose north bound to lead the around north wolfe road that had been cleared from the road way no lines currently blocked. >> the bay bridge toll plaza looks good here at the toll plaza we do have some overnight road work up the incline it is way in san francisco. >> also a stalled van blocking one of the lines at the fremont street off ramp but not really impacting traffic.
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>> the san mateo bridge the west bound trip looks good the drive 12 minutes from into in. >> no problems at the golden gate bridge. some areas of dense fog. drive time 23 minutes out 23navato into san francisco. >> thank you james. >> it was one week ago that a man tried to kidnap a teenage girl. she ran as a fight off the attack and scream for help. the suspect ran off his neighbors open their doors to see what was going on. it is still on the loosed this morning. >> kron fours philippe dj egal spoke with neighbors who describes the she saw last friday. >> once i opened the door she ran toward it that way and that i ran the opposite way. >> the never says the girl
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looked frightened. >> i asked if she was ok. >> how did you feel when you saw this?. >> i was really upset. >> she did not get a good look at the suspect but saw a dark clothing. >> try not to be on the street so early by herself. it was not even 6:00. especially a 13 year-old. >> she says she did not recognize the suspect in did not believe he lives in the neighborhood. >> in san jose philippe jgega;. djegal . >> we now know the name of
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the woman who was gunned down in her home this week. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. 43 year-old anna duong was found shot inside are home on noselle court at about 130 wednesday afternoon. she died at a hospital about an hour later. she was a mother of two young children. >> antioch school officials already apparent to keep an eye on their kids after a strange man tried to lure a child into his car. it happened outside sutter and elementary school. >> a fifth grade boy was walking along yesterday when he says a man came up and told him he was sent by the boy's parents, to pick him up. >> the child replies, i don't know you and ran away. >> the principle of the schools and that message to paris that read, in part. we will continue to diligently month to the area around the school and we will alert the
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police and parents should we observe anything suspicious. >> the man is described as white with gray hair and stubble. he was driving a light blue 1970 areas, car. more details have been released about the teenagers who were shot in el cerrito . we know now that both students attended albany high school. >> this is video of the scene yesterday from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. three students were walking on the trail near the bart tracks when they were approached by two men who asked about their shoes. that was one of the students were shot and remains in stable condition and another was shot in the face. the third student was able to escape. albany unified school district release a statement to parents about the shooting. also in the, it reminded students take all possible precautions when walking to and from school. a sophomore at albany high
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school knew the two victims in says they're known around campus as sneaker heads. >> a uc davis chemistry researcher who was injured in an explosion last week was being charged with 10 counts of possessing firearms and explosives. >> 32 year-old david synder pleaded not guilty to yolo county. one of his defense attorneys said her client had the materials for research and was not intending to build a bomb. >> prosecutors said investigators found liquid and solid explosive materials and devices to detonate them in the apartment. >> we will be back with more you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver
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>> we are back get 4:10. >> in national headlines there could be changes to school athletics. >> the u.s. education department is telling schools that they must include students with disabilities and support programs to provide alternative options. schools are required to make with the department of reasonable modifications for students with disabilities or create a parallel athletic programs. >> opponents plan to march
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on washington today in a demonstration that coincides with the landmark u.s. supreme court decision that created a constitutional, nationwide right to. thousands are expected for the noon rally at the national mall and in the front of the supreme court. >> organizers say the event will feature former republican presidential candidate rick santorum . >> this year marks the 40th anniversary roe cissy
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vs. wade.
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>> @ 4:15 let us send it to what erica and the way the department to get a look at our friday forecast. >> starting off with light rain in the livermore valley and portions of the north bay and the coastline. >> scattered pop of showers similar to yesterday. on storm tracker 4 we are starting to dry things out over interstate 580. we have lingering light showers more like a heavy sprinkled through the downtown area making their way closer to the 5 8/680 interchange. some light rain around the palo alto area how ever is to be off the freeway. also dealing with dense fog in
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most locations around the bay. i will get to that in a minute. but us look at your day planner. tippers in the '40's. low 50s in to the afternoon we are talking 50s and 60s. similar conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. later tonight we have the potential for showers. that will start to diminish overnight. temperatures will be back at the '40's and '50's let us focus on the current temperatures. san francisco 53 the same for oakland. upper '40's in concord. your afternoon highs show plenty of lows 60s in the south bay. it will be cloudy later this afternoon. mountain view 61 the same for sunnyvale. 62 for the allman and valley. >> east bay temperatures upper 50s for walnut creek. 60 in danville. 61 in union city. >> lows 60s for santa rosa and petaluma. 59 in downtown
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san francisco. >> satellite and radar shows moisture located in portions of california. a rotating that is why we see lingering showers for some of our communities. most of us however, waking up to cloud cover and dense fog. >> more unsettled weather is on the way. i set futurecast up for for saturday into the 8:00 our this is the bay area this cluster light rays passing over our district. we are also anticipating rank of the lake tahoe area. >> looking at 3:00 p.m. saturday the showers will start to pass through. we could see partly cloudy skies or some breaks of sunshine that-and some bricks of sunshine for most of us. >> ofthe chance for unsettled weather and possibly rain and snow makes for tahoe.
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>> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a series of cold systems headed and our directions. not a lot of moisture but cold showers on the way. temperatures will slide especially if the cold front passes through our district on sunday afternoon. >> a chance of lingering showers continues until monday. tuesday expecting dry weather and sunshine. >> high pressure in the forecast and a bit of a warming trend as we head into the middle of next week. >> off about changes on the 7 day around the bay. i'll have more on your weather and a minute. >> starting the morning with a lot of accidents most of them including injuries. fortunately they have been working on them and they have been cleared. drive with caution. we have wet rosa areas of very dense fog. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza well here. we do have overnight construction on the incline section. it will not impact
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your drive time. >> san mateo bridge looks good as the toll plaza and pushing toward the high rise. >> south bound 101 problem free on the deck a handful of cars making their way into san francisco. >> looking at our traffic maps we are good to go. a good ride coming down the east shore freeway. >> was down 24 at lot of green on our centers. in the south bay freeway this downear 0 n. wolfe road. it has been cleared. >> we will have more on your traffic and weather coming up in bed. james, that to you. >> thank you erica. >> a recently retired contra costa county capt. faces charges that the authorities say he stole uniforms,
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expensive tools and other items from local firehouses. >> 51 year old jon wilmkont retired just before his december arrest. a search warrant at his home cars and property returned 268 items including tools and fired him. the fire district has also filed a restraining order against him, accusing him of keeping a large cachet of illegal weapons and threatening employes. >> the manager of a papa murphy's p to location in martinez, has been arrested for allegedly putting a hidden video camera in the employees' rest room. police say, a female employe called police, after finding the camcorder that was placed on a shelf in the restroom. the suspect jason lassor allegedly confessed and was taken into custody. he was
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cited and released from jail after being booked on one count of misdemeanor invasion of privacy. >> the search for more remains of the victims' of the speed freak killers is underway. wesley german shermantine and loren herapg carried out a drug fuel killing spree in 19 '80s and '90s. our solo reporter erisa estacio at the latest period >> take a look at this videoloo . shermantine says this is not the place he told the fbi to dig. >> he told fbi
4:24 am
investigators it was the wrong place if they did not find car parts are trashing the old well. >> the fbi will be back at the side the on friday. >> terisia estacio kron 4 news. >> and look from our james lick freeway camera. it is 54 degrees in redwood city light showers here and there. he will run into damp patches on the road. >> 60 to the expected high. we will be right ?ñ
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>> we are back 4525
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:25. is the time. >> lance turned down a chance to dance and despite a 60 year age gap, lady gag and tony bennett will make music together. carl ahzeus has more. >> all armstrong turn down the offer to be on dancing with the stars. >> lady gaga is teaming up with tony bennett and collaborating on a new album. >> gaga confirmed the news on a twitter account after the to perform at the norwalk. >> 22 they worked together in 2011 when they recorded the lady is a tramp. >> natalie portman will move
4:28 am
to paris. her husband was named director of dance at the ballet. they currently live in hollywood they met on the set of all black swan and 2009. they have two sons. for hollywood minute i am carl ahzeus. >> make way for michael buble . the singer and his wife, luidana lopilato, are expecting their first child. >> the couple made the announcement in the video past on lopilatos official
4:29 am
you tubek account. in the video, buble is heard singing his head haven't met yet, while the words, mike, lu and many bublel. we're having a baby are displayed on top of the ultrasound image. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news new details in the tent the kidnapping case in san jose and one woman said she saw
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>> good morning top stores were following on this friday details on the case of a teenager who was attentive to be kidnapped. >> the 49ers are one day closer to sobol. we will hear from quarterback colin kaepernick about the upcoming game. first let us get a quick update on the forecast with erica. >>--the 49ers are one day closer to the super bowl. >> we have light scattered showers the bit to concern yourself witnothing to concern f
4:32 am
with. >> the road way maybe death. did see rain earlier in the palo alto area now is cu currently sitting of the dumbarton bridge. we have areas of locally dense fog. 2 mi. that is where you can see out in santa rosa navato , 6 mi. of visibility at sfo. the falcons up heading closer to sunrise. there may be delays at as at all today. --a mixed bag of '40's low 50s. not to bad of a start that to the cloud cover keeping as insulated. 53 in oakland. 53 in hayward. upper '40's 48 for fairfield, concord. >> 52 for half moon bay. 51 and they city. looking at
4:33 am
the numbers into the afternoon lows 60s similar to yesterday. fremont at 62. a couple degrees cooler and mountain view. >> upper 50s lows 60s in the east bay. san leandro 5960 for what creek in concord. the potential for scattered showers throughout the course of the day in the east bay. navato 57 . 62 in napa. san francisco flirting with the 60 degree mark. >> satellite and radar picture shows residual cloud cover we are contending with. you can see where the showers are currently located in california. spending upward. that is why we are speaking of stray showers. the instability will continue on into the afternoon. for those of you getting away for the weekend heading to tahoe checking with caltran no chain requirements for interstate 80 on highway 50. it has been raining there is to
4:34 am
into a fresh new snow. it could be slick on the roadways drive with caution. >> looking at the extended forecast you can see a rain snow makes. snow levels at 7 500 ft.. sunday we have a chance for snow cooler conditions with the hyatt the bit '30high in the mid '30' >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights the changes in to the weekend. a series of systems will drop down from the gulf of alaska bringing cold showers. not much moisture the package for scattered showers and cooler temperatures as we head into saturday and sunday. the cold front will slide through on sunday a potential for a lingering showers at the start the next work week. high pressure and control. clear and sunny skies and temperatures of bit address we head into the middle of next week.
4:35 am
>> and traffic center we have seen accident earlier this morning. it is starting to quiet down because a lot of the rain is gone. we are contending with slicked road way is to drive with extra caution. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza no issues here it is small weight in some of the catchlines. fast-track doing all right. overnight destructioconstructio >> at san mateo bridge the drive time holding steady at 12 minutes between the 880 approach and those of you heading to 101. >> south bound 101 the golden gate is hazy we have areas of locally dense fog will accidents to report it is a pretty easy ride. instructions for those of you coming out of marin county. >> thank you erica. 4:34 is
4:36 am
the time. >> antioch school officials of morning press to keep an eye on their children after a strange man tried to lure about in his car. >> if it's great what was walking along yesterday when he says a man came up and told kemper he was sent by the boy's parents, to pick him up. >> the child replies, i don't know if you and ran away. >> the principle of the schools in the message to parents that read, in part we will continue to diligently monitor the area around a school and we will avert the police and parents should we observe anything suspicious. >> the man described as white with gray hair and stubble. he was driving a light blue 1970's aero car. the suspect was last seen in this car in the parking lot thischichibu parts on g street in antioch, but he has not been seen since. >> stanhope said polisan jose pt
4:37 am
have a break from an eyewitness who saw the attentive kidnapping of a 13 year-old girl. the security footage of the girl breaking away from that would be a doctor investigators say, the man grabbed the girl friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. the growth and is to fight him off and the suspect ran away. >> ana alves listen the neighborhood and said she saw the little girl running away when she opened her front door. >> i yell at my husband that there was a little girl getting attacked and i dialed 911. >> this is a sketch of the suspect is described as a suspect male 25 to 35 years ago 5 ft. inches tall and thin to medium build. witnesses say they did not recognize a suspect in police he does not live in the neighborhood. >> san jose police are investigating its third homicide of the year. around
4:38 am
830 last night a man was reportedly stabbed several times your south side try and hold street. the man was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. police leave the man was attacked by several suspects but the motive is unclear at this time in a suspect from custody. the victim's identity is being withheld until his family is notified. >> bart officials have approved a plan that would boost wi fi signals for passengers. the board of directors gave the go-ahead to buy 100 communication devices that relay video and data from its trains to bart control centers in emergencies. that will allow more stable wifi service to passengers. right now the service on bart is typically weak and sporadic. generating several complaints from passengers. >> bart is paying for the
4:39 am
$2.7 million contract with federal domestic security funds. >> california u.s. senator dianne feinstein, introduced legislation to renew the country's now expired assault weapon ban. senator feinstein said, the bill would ban the sale of 157 military-style assault weapons as was ban high capacity ammunition clips. she says, the 20 children killed in the new town, conn. massacre or a wake-up call for the nation and now it is time for congress act. >> senate feinstein emphasized the bill does protect a right of law- abiding citizens who use guns from insecurity, a hunting and other recreational purposes. >> still ahead attention on the tarmac some scary moments at dulled international airport how to
4:40 am
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he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> we're back get 4:39. >> tale of the marcuses morning futures trading show abouthe dow trading in a
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negative while the nasdaq and the s and p training cost of this when imorning. >> stocks ended the day yesterday with mixed results drop in apple's stock ways down the nasdaq. on wall street the dow closed up 46 points to cross over 13,800. the nasdaq lost 43. the s&p 500 briefly moved above 58 for the first time since 2007 settled dow closing up a fraction of a point. >> a federal appeals court has tossed out $172 million in damages in a lawsuit against the maker of bratz balls. the verdict came in the case started by matdtel which accused mgm entertainment the maker of the popular doll for stealing its idea. the jury rejected matells claim instead side with mg a
4:43 am
counterclaim that it was a victim of trade secret that. however, the appeals court said mca was still entitled to wonder $36 million in legal fees been fighting mattels lawsuit. >> federal transportation investigators to try to figure out the cause of the electrical problem would have grounded: 787 dreamlikner fleet around the world. the national transportation safety board is working benefactors in arizona, and running a series of new test on the allies battery systems. investigators say, a short circuit and an uncontrolled battery reaction of earlier this month--apparently took place in boeing 787 battery, before the battery caught fire earlier this month. but there's still unsure why it happened. >> to united airlines scrape their united airlinesdu at
4:44 am
dulles airport in virginia. the wing tip from a flight from brussels that contact with a wingtip of the second plane. >> that was parked at an adjacent gate. the past and the crew got off the brussels light and no one aboard the other play. no one was injured. >> we will be back with jwwñ
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4:44 on the clock. let us talk to us what ericerica. >> most of the rain we have contended with for the past couple of days continue to push his way south. some of it is spinning of or into the bay area. expect light seven showers. --scattered showers. >> it is dry clothes to the 586, 80 interchange. >> interstate six editors of
4:47 am
all we have been picking up light ran aground dumbarton bridge and portions of the bayshore freeway around and redwood city area. light rain interstate 280 but nothing to concern yourself with it is not a huge rain maker. we will continue to see showers to up to date. is unsettled weather similar to yesterday's some spots picked up light rain some people did not see any. we have cloud cover that is keeping us all the water side on the warmer side. >> visibility to in have now for santa rosa. down to 2 mi. for those of you driving around navao . 2 mi. in fairfield. down a half mile in livermore. widespread dense fog. this will continue to worsen as we head throughout the morning
4:48 am
hours. >> oakland 52. 53 in redwood city. >> mainly cloudy and muggy lows 60s in south bay. 62 for fremont. aside from a fetus. if you degrees cooler for mountain view in santa clara. >> upper 50s. 61 in castro valley. the potential for a stray showers. navao that 57. >> thelma at 58. downtown san francisco close to 60. 59 at san bruno. berkeley will reach 60 to a degree warmer for those of you in oakland. >> satellite and radar shows the moisture continues to travel south. again we
4:49 am
are seeing showers of the to the bay area. the showers are far and few between we could see more marcher as a system drops on the gulf of alaska and to the weekend. the system will be colder we will see more and wet scattered showers. >> futurecast 4 shows of light rain for the call slide mid peninsula into the 8:00 hour most of of contending with cloud cover and fog. by 10:00 a.m. light gray for the delta, the special a live. >> the chance for showers diminished into the afternoon and evening hours. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows and our tax system with not much marcher imoisture. --and our tax
4:50 am
systartic system. >> more on the forecast coming up in a moment. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. and my weight and some of the caste lines in our last report not the case anymore. still have overnight road work in effect for the incline section but not producing in delays. >> at the cemetery ridge traffic building not only in the west bound direction towards of to see you consider lights several of them hedy's down to hayward. the drive 12 best 30 minutes between 8 80/1 zero one. >> the code a bridge, southbound 11 looks good however,--the golden gate
4:51 am
bridge south bound 101 looks good. >> we do have dense fog and portions of the north bay. >> traffic maps show more about 101 looks good no issues for interstate 280. >> you may encounter damp roadways. drive with extra caution. 23 minutes out of navao into san francisco. >> no delays on public transit for ac transit, bart our couch at this hour. >> thank you erica on to the situation in san francisco is probably to get a lot of people icked over the weekend. the grace period is over and will bring people to their knees with azt is on their cars for parking at meters spot on sunday. they will start ticketing and that is a big chance to catch more news faster we get your kron 4 solo reporter jackie sissel a
4:52 am
live in the city. >> this policy has been affect for a couple of weeks?. >> yes. a lot of people are not happy about it they will not be happy this sunday when as you said the amnesty. will lapse and they will give out tickets. all 29,000 m in the city of san francisco they have been telling people for the last three weeks. you have to pay on sunday at the meters. they will start to ticket people and it will cost. >> the tickets are not cheap. from $62 up to $72. that would be per meter violations. that will cost you. the time will be from noon to 6:00 p.m. on sundays. that is a big change. the city wants to generate new revenue. they said by doing this they can
4:53 am
generate almost $2 million every year. it comes down to money obviously. money is what is coming out of a lot of people's pockets coming sunday. those tickets that they have let go by for the last couple of weeks no more. it will be money out of your pocket. >> it seems every time you turn around the city is getting another dime out of your pocket. it's almost as if they don't want you to come in the city they make it as hard as possible. >> off there was a lot of controversy about sunday. they say that was the one day they could get some shopowners. the city says we need the money and this is what we need to do. the gave everyone three weeks to get used it. they are starting to write tickets for real now. >> that you jackie keep that in mind this on the fuel park in san francisco. >> we are following the latest with the 49ers not just 10 days away from possible ball pifrom the superb
4:54 am
>> this is video of the team practicing in the rain yesterday. quarterback colin kaepernick livened things up for those in the media, he ordered at least 15 pizzas for reporters. and the president yesterday was just a little taste of what it will be like in new orleans. >> one reporter asked kaepernick about what it is like a wake up as colin kaepernick these days to which he entered, it feels the same as it did six months ago. >> and when it comes to the actual game, kaepernick says he respects the ravens and their star linebacker ray lewis. kaepernick says he has got some great advice from former 49ers greats like joe montana and steve young. >> san francisco police are gearing up for what they hope will be a safe celebration, is the 49ers win it all. you may remember the scene back in october after the giants won the world series. a scorched
4:55 am
muni bus, vandalism in the mission district, and dozens of arrests. police said they are not going to let that happen again. san francisco pd tell us they will have more of a presence at bars and some pressure people are not drinking too much. there will also be more patrols in the business district so officers can message across that tend to pour into areas. >> we have the best two teens and sport we have the giants and we will have the 49ers we want fans to be a themselves. we want businesses to be a irresponsibly. >> police will meet with other city officials regularly until the superbowl to make sure the celebration stay safe. >> 4:53. we will take a quick break. >> it is a little foggy. in san mateo currently 53 degrees. do not forget to
4:56 am
catch dr. phil after the kron 4 morning news today's episode the truth behind online dating. if the person you are chatting with is a real person or who you think they are. tune in with dr. phil to find out
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>> today will be cloudy. saturday and sunday the showers come back extended into monday. here's what we are working on for the kron 4 morning news at 501 for parents and one east bay city after reports that a man tried to lure a boy in his car right outside of an elementary school. we will have details a live report coming up. >> we're learning more about a shooting near high school and while investigators say the shooting was the result of a fight over sch shoes we
4:59 am
will explain. >> and watching the weather and traffic this morning will be checking in with erica let's look at our forecast as well as george was watching our friday morning commute. we will be right
5:00 am
5:01 am
>> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5 starts now. >> new this morning parents and the minister is in one antioch school of highwaon hight after and then tried to lure a student into his car. >> vice-president joe biden is the road to promote gun- control details on this trip to virginia. >> the majority of the bay area is waking up to dry conditions we have spotty showers. at stake by the approaching downtown
5:02 am
livermore in this drive over the altamonte best as you make your way closer to the 5 80/86 interchange been done where you're located we're seeing some showers off the freeway interstate 680 through sinole . light river ports of interstate 280. >> this is just light scattered showers a lot of rotation and the system that impacted us for the past couple of days. the majority of the showers are moving down to the southland. some of them are moving upward and back here in the bay area. >> mostly cloudy skies unsettled weather continues. the chance for showers diminishes as we head into the evening hours. it will remain will keep the chance in the forecast. >> satellite and radar shows the majority of us are dry and the bay area. we do have the changes to talk about a cooling trend and more rain as we head into the weekend. more details coming up in a bid. at 5:01 a.m. this time
5:03 am
for your morning commute with george. >> thank you erica a quiet commute. no hot spots to track. looking at your quick commute check from the bay bridge toll plaza a lot of easy ride. light conditions for interstate 580 and highway 4. east bay freeways look good. we are problem free on the peninsula in the south bay and on the north bay also. darya the morning thank you george. 5:01 a.m. this morning if any of school officials are warning parents because a man tried to lure a young boy to his car it happened near sutter elementary school in antioch. kron fours will tran is live at the same with details of what happened. >> good morning well. >> good morning darya. if this happened after school. he starts walking home. he is a fifth grader on his way home a car pulls up to him and says i am with your family i was told to pick you up. he told the stranger i do not know you are and takes off. for by then had bit later everyone around the community knows about it
5:04 am
that is why the school administrators sent home a notice to day that will do stranger danger. in the meantime police are looking for the man. here is what they're looking for. he is described as a caucasian male with gray hair. he has stubble on his face. at the time he was driving a seventies style car at that time of the incident which happened around 4:00 in the afternoon. his car was last spotted at a nearby park. coming up at 5:30 a.m. i will have this stateme to the parents at home and what they plan to do throughout the day that make sure the kids are safe. >> thank you will. >> new this morning we're watching the latest sow washington by president joe biden hitting the road to promote gun control. he is in richmond, va. with other obama administrative officials and virginia senator tim kaine . the vice-president will hold a roundtable discussion with
5:05 am
experts who worked on gun safety after the 2007 shooting at virginia tech. biden said yesterday that he is more concerned with limiting the number of rounds and a gun magazines and banning assault weapons says they are responsible for small percentage of gun deaths. >> which carried the press conference for a live yesterday's, when california senator dianne feinstein introduced the new gun legislation. that would allow 158 assault weapon types and liquids to 10 bullets. it is similar to the original assault weapon ban. but doesn't have have a sunset clause as the original law bit which expired in 2004. >> san jose police are investigating its third homicide of the year. around 830 last night a man was reportedly stabbed several times near south side drive and hope street. the man was later pronounced dead at the hospital. police believe he was attacked by several suspects but the motive is
5:06 am
unclear and no suspects are in custody. >> the victims' identities been withheld until his family is notified. >> san jose police might have a break from an eyewitness who saw the attended kidnapping of a 14 year-old girl. . investigators say, the man grabbed the 13 year-old girl last friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. the young girl managed to fight him off and the suspect ran away. ana alves lives in the neighborhood and said he saw the girl running away. >> i called my cousin to the door and i saw a man tried to pull it grow into a driveway and she was getting away. >> this is a sketch of a suspect. is described as a hispanic male, 25 to 35 years old, 5 ft. 10 in. tall and thin to medium build. witnesses say they do not recognize the suspect and
5:07 am
believe he does not live in the neighborhood. >> more details have been released about the two teenagers were shot at and el cedrrito trail. we now know that both students attended albany high school. this is video of the scene wednesday from our helicopter partnership with abc seven new spirit priest to the for walking on the trail in the bart tracks when they were approached by two men who asked about their shoes. that is when one of the students were shot and remains in stable condition and another was shot in the face. a third student was able to escape with out injury. all the unified school district lease a statement to parents about the shooting also in the statement, it reminded student to take all possible precautions when walking to and from school. >> coming up with kron 4 morning news investigation into bowens 787 ddreamliner continues. we will tell you what authorities are saying this morning at 5:11 a.m..
5:08 am
watching your weekend forecast! >> a full check of weather coming up at 5:15 a.m.. and the 49 is continuing to prepare for the superbowl. we will hear from quarterback colin kaepernick at 5:21 a.m.. >> will be right back.
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. developing news officials in india said they are disappointed with the sentence given to an american man remitted to his role in the 2008 terrorist attack in mumbai which killed 166 people, including children. 52 year-old david jead;eu was sentenced by a chicago judge yesterday to 35 years in prison. in a three day rampage, 10 gunman from a pack a state based militant group than out across ,mumbai ,
5:12 am
attacking a crowded train station, a jewish center and a landmark taj. mahal hotel. headley helped plan the attack and videotape target for the gunman. he faced a maximum of life in prison. but agreed to cooperate and pleaded guilty to avoid a life sentence. he also secured promise not to be extradited to india. india is now pressing for him to face trial there. >> federal transportation investigators still try to figure out because of electrical problems which have grounded balance 77 and dreamliner of fleet around the world. the nest of grass-is that the board's work with main factors in arizona, and running a series of new tests on their lives better systems.
5:13 am
investigators say, a short circuit and uncontrolled chemical reaction apparently took place in boeing 787 better, but for the recall of fire earlier this month in boston. if they are still unsure why it happen. >> two united plants with their wings and dulles international airport in virginia. the wing tip from a flight from brussels make contact with a wingtip of the second plank. that was parked at an adjacent gate. the passengers and crew got a brussels flight. no one was a boy the other plane and no one was injured. >> another dame linebacker mantnti taeo telling his side of the story we will hear from him. watching weakened weather. >> erica will have before forecast coming up. >> th qua qer, ert 5%t ash
5:14 am
whoa hoeverybery gey erybery gey act aivate atyour 5urcashcaacc ase.asm/frm/domdo
5:15 am
hey ameramica, ea,n thn gh glisa rin rna is iarinar the dee pend sndhouehoe ebriebr for fhariha to pro pve how hreatrehe fhe isi the thbest psttectten non looko even und uer a f atastta dre d. fits and a feelsee ju lia we invitnve you yo get g fre f samplemp and tnd one on ton
5:16 am
>> good morning. thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. it is friday. >> at 515 a m in livermore as we take a peek at the east bay and our live shot at the approach to the bay bridge. in livermore is 52 degrees looking for a high this afternoon of 60. since is on friday we have our eyes of the weekend. >> good morning darya we expect more rate as we head
5:17 am
into saturday and sunday. >> livermore is one of the only spot we're dealing with unsettled weather in the bay area. we're starting to dry things out interstate 580 at the downtown livermore area. it could still be down on the freeway itself with no active showers. taking a look at the sinole grade. we are dry. we did have scattered showers but it seems to be drying up. >> portions of to 80 picking up green on your screen which indicates light rain. you may need to use your when cit wipers on portions of that stretch. expect scattered showers on sell weather will continue into the afternoon the evening hours this will not be a big rain maker nor a big washout. be prepared to keep your umbrella handy. because of the rain and moisture i want to talk about visibility. a lot of fog showing up on our graphics. visibility is less than a mile and half for santa rosa at navato . the chiparticularly
5:18 am
into the north bay. >> fairfield 3 tenths of a mile. >> down to two and a half miles around mountain view. as at over 46 mi. of his ability but because cassette editions are continuing to worsconditions are continuing throughout the morning to worsen there may be some place else at all. >> a clouds are acting like a blanket and trapping in the heat. oakland at 54. 48 in vallejo. 49 in concord. >> muggy later this afternoon. expect mainly cloudy skies low 60s in the south bay. 624 campbell los gatos. 60 in mountain view. >> upper 50s lows 60s later
5:19 am
today fairfield. afternoon high of 59. 60 in concord. remember the showers are spending rotating their way back into the bay area. we could see a pop of showers. be prepared. most of us are under a cloud is god's lows 60s for richmond in berkeley. 59 expected for downtowns have to scott. >> satellite and radar picture shows the right pushing south. we will see showers in the south bay as we head into the weekend. another system a series of them will drop down from the gulf of alaska not bringing too much moisture but there is instability to contend with. could see scattered showers in the bay area. again not a washout. this not a big deal. showers will be cold in nature. again keep that umbrella around not only into the weekend but as we start the next work week. >> futurecast 4 shows light rain a.m. this morning for the cold light amid peninsula. putting the clock
5:20 am
into motion today in napa, vallejo the delta and potentially the east bay shoreline. these showers are random could pop up at any time. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows stamped showers on to the weekend. these are the warmest ties some spots the east bay interior valleys north bay castro to make it out of the low 50s. a chance for lingering showers on monday as the main cold front passes through on sunday. >> tuesday with is that their stay dry conditions that plenty of sunshin a round the ba, with that, thursdy dry consen dry conditions and py of sunshine--wednesday. >> for several what we were
5:21 am
looking at 22 minute drive times on this and tell bridge and stop and go conditions. it seems that pattern is no longer with us. >> the golden gate bridge ride, 101 southbound an easy commute from marin county. crews are on the span of the north it as they reconfigure the lanes. >> updating drive times the shore freeway ride looks good 12 minutes with the latest drive times. >> no place for westbound, 4 or southbound interstate 680. a 16 minute trip from the cause of the belly up to 237 on 101 northbound with no delays. >>-that the coyote valley. >> northbound traffic through marin county and not commute direction southbound 0 delays the ride from 37 to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you george. watching wall street investors will be looking to see if the nasdaq climb back
5:22 am
into positive area of the last day of trading this week. the nasdaq closed out with a three. saturday after textile apple predicted weaker sales. the s&p 500 was flat at 1494 after briefly crossing the 1500 mark. the dow jones industrial average closed at 46 with at 13,825. futures trading suggest gains as this morning openings. looks like apple could rebound slightly after closing down over $60 yesterday's the stock now sits at $450.50 down over to monday $50 in september. apple is such a big company it comprises roughly 30 percent of the nasdaq composite. a leading u.s. economist says the eurozone debt crisis is not over by a low shot speaking at the economic forum in davos , switzerland, barry
5:23 am
eicvhengdreen warns that the debt crisis that has to shake in europe to its core could easily erupt again this year unless european leaders move fast to solve their problems. >> we're hearing from the college football star who is the link to a scandal involving a dead girlfriend never actually resisexisted. during an hour-long interview with katie couric, notdre dame linebacker manti teo insists he had no part in orchestrating the hoax of of of a girlfriend was supposedly died of leukemia. he also diedcouric he learned on december 6th as girlfriend, lennay was
5:24 am
alive, but did know the whole thing was upright. he said he felt forced to keep up the rules, a visiting her death in interviews with the media. >> couric playboys must on the woman he believed to be dekekua . he said he spoken to the manciple it behind the bright. he says the hardest part about zero is near is being singled his family has to go through. >> the for an average of 10 days away from the superbowl. >> this is video of the team practicing in the rain yesterday. quarterback colin kaepernick liven things up for the media he will released 15 pizzas for reporters. and president
5:25 am
yesterday's was just a little taste of what it will be like it or its spirit of reporter as epic about what's like a wake-up call a kaepernick these days the answers is the same six months ago. >> he says he respects the red star linebacker ray lewis. >> ray has intensity of the game. >> kaepernick says he has got some really great advice from former 49er great joe montana and steve young. >> good sources for advice. >> will take a break at 5:23 a.m. coming up on the clock for morning new by resupination this time is not the flue will talk about
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
>> this morning the center for disease control and prevention is reporting and strain of the highly contagious noro-virus. officials say the new bug which causes nausea,
5:29 am
diarrhea and stomach pain accounted for 58 percent of outbreaks of noro-virus across the u.s.. it reached the country from australia. right now, it is not clear whether the strain is more likely to infect people or make them more ill compared to the previous strains. the cdc says because it's a new strain people are more susceptible. the best protection against noro- virus is hand washing and is affecting services. researchers are working to create a vaccine for noro- virus, but nothing is ready for the market. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news that and are a reactances senator feinstein's assault weapon proposal, more on what they you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere.
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>> good morning it is by 30
5:32 am
8:00 a.m. and there is a san mateo bridge. current to mature in redwood city is 54 degrees. are we gonna get any sunshine today erica? >> not really it will get kind of money into the afternoon. there be patchy showers and livermore. it is dry now but on settled weather could continue into the afternoon. the fog is in direct connection to the rain we saw. a cold the asurfaced so there is just a dense fog just about everywhere. 4 mi. of visibility for oakland and hayward. i would not be surprised if we saw delays on arriving flights later on
5:33 am
this morning, that is something we will continue to monitor. mostly cloudy and settled weather and the afternoon with temperatures reaching the upper 50s low 60s. later on a chance of our showers exists and we have more wet weather on the way transitioning into the weekend. i will talk about that coming up on my next report. >> we have a good ride around the bay, no hot spots or delays. we're still lighter than usual for both highway 4 and interstate 580 where we would typically see heavy traffic to the altamont pass at 580 there antioch for highway four. things are just beginning to slow down a little bit there. an easy ride where it would otherwise be slow. the north bay, the nets' lead, south bay all look good right now. >> if you are glad to be parking in the city this coming sunday you better
5:34 am
bring change. jackie sissel is live on the same. >> you will need paper or plastic but you will pay if your parking at any of the 29,000 m in san francisco. the law went into affect about three weeks ago but they have been giving people amnesty. they said we will not write you a ticket but that grace period is over. starting sunday you will have to pay if you get an expired meter. it is a lot of money. somewhere between $62.70 $2 is the fine. the hours are from noon to 6:00 p.m. every sunday. it is a way to increase revenue. they can generate between
5:35 am
$1.9 million and $2.9 million a year. a lot of people were not happy about this plan. this really goes into affect and gets its teeth if you well starting this sunday. meters used to be free on sundays with that is no longer the case. you will have to start paying on sunday. >> 2013 is the year metered parking seven days a week of severance as go. >> now the latest developments coming out of north korea. reports today that north korea has threatened to attack south korea if it agrees to join a new round of tightened united nations sanctions aimed at ending north korea's nuclear ambitions. the north's " committee for the peaceful reunification of korea " said at the south take part in the un sanctions if it will take "
5:36 am
strong as a vote counter measures against it ". no. 3 as way to go ahead with its third nuclear test. their concerns that north korea is planning on placing a nuclear warhead on a long- range missile while it is testing, that could reach the west coast of the united states. >> the and are reacting to that senator dianne feinstein's new legislation to ban assault weapons calling it " disappointing but not surprising ". the nra said in a statement " senator feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law- abiding citizens for decades. it's disappointing but not surprising that she once again focused on curtailing the constitution and said a person getting criminals or fixing broken mental-health system. the american people know than bands do not work and we are confident congress will reject senator feinstein's wrongheaded approach ". >> san francisco police are
5:37 am
gearing up for what they hope is is a celebration at the 49ers when it all. you remember this feedback october after the giants won the world series. a scorched muni bus, vandalism of this industry, and dozens of arrests. police say there would let that happen again. stamford's as though the details as they will have more of a presence at bars to make sure people are drinking too much. there also be more patrols and the mission district officers to manage crowds attend that tend to bore into the area. >> police will be meeting with other city officials regularly until this a verbal to make sure as the celebrations stay safe. >> by 30 6:00 a.m. and and antioch school officials are warning parents to make sure their kids are safe because a man tried to lure a young boy into his car near sutter elementary school and antioch yesterday. will
5:38 am
tran is on the scene and and a couple of hours we will see parents and students start to arrive. are they doing a thing ever this morning? >> absolutely. because of yesterday they will start teaching the children stranger danger. the envoy was walking home to his house at a car pull up and a man said i'm with your family, hop in the car with me. the boy said he told him i don't know who you are and ran off. his mom and dad called the school and this is what the school sent out yesterday afternoon. they tell the parents do not worry about it, we will closely monitor the situation and that anything is is this is our stand out we will let the police know. coming up at 6:00 a.m. i will have this person is description. >> the time is 5:37 a.m. and we will they be back with more developing news and weather and traffic in just a few minutes.
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>> twitter launching a new video service that allows users to share brief video clips on their feet. the can't last more than six seconds ago but they could share them on twitter and facebook. users can also searched for videos and vine that based on certain aspects or subject. it is available as a free ad on the i/o s at store and the abbas available for the iphone and i thought hot tax.
5:43 am
>> we would take a quick break and sacramento making a final push a will hear from the mayor and just a moment.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
b40 4:00 a.m. >> and that school officials are warning parents to keep an eye on their kids after man tried to lure at the parade boy into his car. on your screen is a description of the man then the head of the cap kidnapping happened outside sutter elementary school yesterday. vice-president joe biden is hitting the road today to promote gun control. is visiting richmond va with other obama administration and fed officials in virginia senator tim kaine.
5:47 am
the vice president will hold a roundtable discussion with experts to work on gun safety after the 2007 shooting at virginia tech. >> it is really hard to tell how foggy it is because of our camera shots beat when the sun tries to come out. it we will see plenty of grace guides and issues with visibility. just above a mile over in fairfield and half of the elf mile for livermore and concord. into the afternoon the fog will start to lift and we will be left with cloudy skies and temperatures similar to yesterday's. 53 in san francisco, 54 and oakland. it into the afternoon we will see plenty of upper 50s and low 60s. oakland coming in at 63, south bay low 60s
5:48 am
as well as the coast line. daly city at 57 and 62 expected and napa up. satellite and radar shows in terms of the unsettled weather the moisture has pushed its way south and to southland. some of it is rotating up and spitting back into the bay area so we are contending with scattered showers. that will continue into the afternoon. there's a lot of cloud cover and big changes to talk about into the weekend. future cast four highlights a.m. saturday morning light rain for the bay area. you can see some green overlaying on it and that will pass it through and instability continues into the afternoon. tahoe, the great on your screen indicates light rain. drive with extra caution that it's, it's like roadways are expected for interstate 80 and highway 50. into saturday night it looks like
5:49 am
the potential for some showers and some snow as we head into sunday for tahoe. caltrans does not have any chain restrictions and the fact. temperatures will be in the mid-40s today for your highs. a chance for snow and a cool down as we push in closer to sunday. 7 day around the bay forecast shows on unsettled weather, cold showers. not too much cold weather but more showers into the weekend. high pressure and controlled tuesday and thursday and temperatures on a warmer side for the afternoon. clear skies and all the he was ga this a little bit abovon the traffic now with george. >> we're still looking at 8
5:50 am
bridge check of the bay bridge toll plaza at is light and easy as you head towards the upper deck for no delays out of the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge is an easy trip across the span. easy drive, no delays. the golden gate 1 01 southbound, crews have it finished with the configuration of the lanes and we're looking at an easy ride around here for a while. the east bay commute 680 southbound still looks good, 16 minutes into san ramon valley. a 11 minute drive way it drive time for the east shore freeway. the capitol expressway to the monthly u.s. press way is a 14 minute drive. they're right on highway 1 01 through marin county there are no delays for southbound 1 01, 22 minutes to the golden gate bridge from highway 37. >> a lot of excitement at the shark tank last night. the san jose sharks back on
5:51 am
home ice for the first time this season. the knicks had two to one lead in the third period. lori corp. pokies did shot past goalie and the need me at the coyote 731 lead. by then the sharks rally back. a goal by patrick marleau rate makes it a three to two game. and that another goal year by martin have lat tied up with the three peace. though the score tied, patrick marleau scored with 153 remaining for his third straight to a bowl game. the sharks, called water and become behind when for a final score of 5 to 3 after tackling and and the natter. starts at the tank taking on the atlanta tomorrow at 1. >> this is sacramento was making a last-ditch effort to keep its nba team in town. mayor kevin johnson joined other state and local leaders to rally behind the
5:52 am
killings saying in sacramento. a group of investors was trying to buy the kings is reportedly planning to move the team to seattle. johnson asked to respond to a report of the teams partners are being allowed to match their offer from seattle. >> from our vantage point it is competitive and we are ready to go. we have a public amides investment and we are ready to go in sacramento. >> mayor johnson says he is focusing his energy on coming up with a competitive counter offer to keep the kings in sacramento. >> watching gas prices across the bay area this morning the average price for gas of regular gas and san francisco is currently $3.68. around the bay and san jose and oakland prices are $3.59 and $3.58 today. these prices compares the state average of $3.65. many
5:53 am
americans are delaying retirement because they need money but also because they're healthy enough to keep working. according to the census, americans 65 and older in the labour force would from 12.1% in 1990 to 16.1% in 2010. this increase was even larger for women. washington d.c. have the highest share of older people working full-time at 62%. >> the latest word out of hollywood as rumors are swirling that they jay abrams will direct the next that star wars movie. several trade reports say the producer who led the revamp of the star trek franchise for paramount and 2009 will direct the star wars film episode 7. fans of the waiting for disney and look this film's release an official statement on the rumored deal.
5:54 am
>> the 85 year-old pontiff says the church cannot ignore social networking sites like twitter and facebook. they must engage if they want to spread the faith to the next generation. the pope tweets and nine at languages. the catholic church is struggling to keep the doors and get new ones because of religious apathy politicians, and scandals. >> up lance armstrong is offered a chance to dance with the stars but will he? and don't forget to set out dr. phil at the kron4 morning news buried
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon. get a nokia lumia 822 in red for free.
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>> we are getting closer and
5:58 am
closer to the super bowl and a chicken wing shortage is on the horizon. this year there will be 12.3 million fewer to care winds because last year's drought increase the price of chicken feed. despite the year's shortage americans are expected eat almost one and a quarter billion wings next sunday. sybil sunday as the second biggest day of the year for chicken wings, the first day is thanksgiving day. you'd eat turkey everybody knows that! by wings now. >> lance armstrong is not going to dance. abc has reportedly invited the former pro cyclists to be on the upcoming spring edition of the dancing reality show. armstrong's spokesman says that abc approached him before his recent doping confession but still wanted him after that. he also went
5:59 am
on to say " lances and offered the show each and every year since its inception. although flattered he is passed on their generous offer. " pal >> the grace period is over on sunday parking fees in san francisco. an update on meter enforcement and a live report coming out. the demonstrators are out again and he gives to rear square this morning, we will tell you what what they're protesting today.


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